Long time ago, in the early 19th century, the first French came in Hanoi named the street in French "Rue de Chanvre,". It quickly became a commercial center hub where was famous for trading ropes, hammocks, cords, and materials made from hemp. Throughout the historical upheavals, in 1945, the street was renamed in Vietnamese " Phố Hàng Gai"and became a trading marketplace for silk and fabric family.

In that time, the precursor of construction was a single roof ancient house, windowless and protruding onto the sidewalk. Inspired by this rich history, until 21st century, this building renovated to hotel and named Le Chanvre Hanoi Hotel & Spa.

Stepping into Le Chanvre Hotel, you can feel the mystical beauty of the Gothic Architecture. Exquisite decorative details and crimson bricks on the wall are like vestiges of the past, telling the story of the prosperity and development of Hang Gai Street at that time.

Our hotel features 42 fully equipped from excutive to suite rooms, offering a 5-star standard service.

Panoramic restaurant serves not only a continental buffet breakfast but also à la carte lunch and dinner, showcasing a harmonious blend of Asian and European culinary delights.
Chanvre Spa helps you get balance, relax your mind and body with luxurious treatments such as steam baths, Himalayan salt saunas and full body massages.

The Black Oak Lounge is a cozy space where you can enjoy morning coffee, afternoon tea and a diverse selection of cocktails, as well as premium whiskey and wine in the evening.

Finally, immerse yourself in the infinity pool, basking in the warmth of tropical sunshine and experience ultimate relaxation.