In Vietnam, under the glow of the full moon, families unite to cook rice and bake cakes. Yet, Madam Vân, homesick and bound by laws, yearned for more. Recognizing her longing, Alexander, with heartfelt empathy, joined her in the kitchen every full moon. Together, they crafted traditional Vietnamese meals and cakes, finding solace in the moonlit nights over tea. From this deeply touching tale, Mun Dining restaurant was born.
Mun Dining is inspired by classical styles, exuding a charming allure reminiscent of a romantic and moonlit space. We have meticulously crafted traditional Vietnamese dishes and exquisite European cuisine with handpicked fresh ingredients. Mun Dining is not just a place to savour culinary delights; it is an experience that epitomises perfection. The restaurant on the 10th floor at Le Chanvre Hanoi Hotel and Spa is sophisticated and elegant, crafting a cosy ambience to relish your dining and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

Panoramic restaurant serves not only a continental buffet breakfast but also à la carte lunch and dinner, showcasing a harmonious blend of Asian and European culinary delights.


Dusk Sky Bar, taking inspiration from the sunset, offers a tranquil and relaxing space for those seeking to unwind after a long workday.

The Black Oak Lounge

Stepping through the cellar door is where stories begin and where the intersection of historical culture creates a unique experience.