Beneath the enchanting hues of the sunset, the castle's rooftop transformed into a magical stage. Soft golden lights accentuated the romantic tableau, surrounded by princesses and counts from neighboring regions. Madam Vân, with her graceful beauty, became the focal point, her eyes as captivating as the descending sun

The celebration unfolded beneath sparkling lanterns, reminiscent of stars in the clear sky, creating a scene of warmth and elegance. Wine droplets glistened in the light, adding a touch of solemnity and romance to every spoken word and gesture.

As the count bowed, inviting her to dance amidst the crowd, the lively music echoed the dance of love. Each step they took on the dance floor inscribed a new chapter in their love story.
The rooftop wasn't merely a space for lavish parties, it transformed into a dreamy realm of love, where the sunset provided the soundtrack for the most beautiful moments in their love story.
Dusk Sky Bar
11th Floor, Le Chanvre Hanoi Hotel & Spa



Mun Dining is inspired by classical styles, exuding a charming allure reminiscent of a romantic and moonlit space.

The Black Oak Lounge

Stepping through the cellar door is where stories begin and where the intersection of historical culture creates a unique experience.